Hey stranger
It’s been forever since our last
My heart’s been growing fonder
I wanted to tell you I had a blast

Hey stranger
I’m not over your beautiful smile
Can we hook up in the summer?
I’d travel the  mile

Hey stranger
I know you said not to call
So I employed a writer
To put down the words that spell
“falling in love” with you

Hey stranger
I’m losing my mind
One last time before forever
Lest I wander

Hey stranger
Do you know what is stranger?
Standing right in front of you
Exchanging my vows


Lovers vs. Heartbreakers…#3



To the girl that never loved me, QUEENELLE

I have told you times without number that you take this relationship for granted. You don’t have any lectures, neither do you have an internet problem, you went a whole day doing God knows what forgetting you have a relationship to maintain.

It just shows how low of a priority you regard your relationship, how much you care and how deeply your love is. To me, you are not ready for a serious relationship and you don’t care.

As nice as you are, your lack of communication in everything (especially in conflict) and next to nothing openness is your greatest undoing.

You are now away, that is when communication should triple to build trust and more security but you are not putting in any effort and leave all for me to do, it takes 2 to tango.

You wake before me in Wakanda, never for once have I woken to see a good morning text from you. While in Jabari, I can’t recall you being so loving or telling me you love me, how am I suppose to believe you when you say same when you are away and that’s why I don’t respond to it.

Truth is, its either you are not into this or you have your options and distractions or a wandering eye. You often put yourself in compromising circumstances and I trust you lesser than I should, based on your actions and words.

You are free henceforth to do all your body desires to do; that fun you really desire to have, please have it. Forget about me and move on with your life.

I have tolerated so much and worked so hard for almost a year. Loads of problems we tried to work through before you came to Jabari, changes were promised, you returned to Wakanda and you resume same again barely 2 weeks, does not show to me a commitment to an improved relationship.

Rather, you believe one is trying to change you and see no wrong in most of your behaviours. It’s not all about you, you have to put in some good effort too while being teachable.

Your misbehaviour has broken the camel’s back and the long rope is now better cut before it stretches too long if this is how it’s going to be for the next 1 and a half years, I cannot afford to waste my time any longer.

I sincerely wish you well no matter what, I have no hard feelings towards you nor your friends. I hope you develop yourself better other than putting it on fate – that what is not meant be is not meant to be.

No two people in a relationship were born perfect, it’s their effort and commitment to make it work that makes it work. We are better off as friends.

I like you but I don’t love you.

All the best.

_Without Love,_

*- BMB*



To my Love Bolu

The letters of your words drenched me like heavy raindrops
splashing on my face.
Words cannot explain the emptiness I feel inside
At the knowledge of my lost love.

Completeness was an illusion until I met you,
Commitment was no word until you came calling.
Bolu, please do not judge my infant ability to love,
For all the times I seemed far away

I was only a breath away.
I’m sorry that my darkness beclouded my thinking.
I lingered on my communication
As I didn’t trust your ability
to bear my depression.

Today I am terrified at your words
But let me fix us
I will mend our broken walls
I will pick up every piece of us
and make it better than the first

I will make us forever Bolu
I wish you were my rib
So I won’t have to miss you
For without you,
I’m like an empty mask without life in it

Bolu, true love is sticking around regardless
I remember when you said we would always be
When we spoke about everything and nothing
When the night slept leaving us awake
And when the morning woke leaving us asleep

I’m sorry Bolu, for all the worries
I cannot say I know how you feel
But I’m certain on what I feel for you
Cos when I said I loved you yesterday
I really meant today, tomorrow and forever.

Yours Queenelle,
in transit

Lovers vs. Heartbreakers…#2



To Saheed.

Dear Lover,

You know
How high and fortified the walls were
How beaten and shredded and broken my heart was
How strong the resolve- not to fall victim to love’s vain promises- was
How intensely I fanned the fear of vulnerability.

You came
Wielding Cupid’s famed arrow, pointed and precise
Neglecting how the signs screamed red
You shot directly at my core
Permeating my pneuma with the ingenuity of your love,
Like the Trojan horse, sans the deceit

Your deep throated laughter,
Whilst your head is thrown backwards,
With your eyes glistering with tears,
Has become my favourite sound

And you know what my favourite sight has become?
Watching your face light up,
With the blush cutting through your dark skin,
When I call you mine

You, my hot glass of dark chocolate,
Topped with honey and hazelnut
Our destinies have become so intertwined,
Like Siamese twins defying all neurologic procedures

And just a stare in your eyes,
Gives me a wholesome glimpse of our forever
Filled with laughter and friendship
And surfing on sandy beaches

And even as I write this,
I long for you with all my being
Your warm, alluring lips,
As they press against and interlock mine
Your soft, sweaty palms, as they enclose mine

And as they rummage through my frame,
Sending sparks of pleasure throughout my body
And the way my body helplessly submits,
And my defences collapse like a pack of cards,
whenever we are together

And in our most intimate moments,
When you look into my eyes…
And hold my gaze…
With your warm breath falling on my skin…
And say you love me,
I am so convinced it’s not a bromide



Dear Paramour,

Indeed I felt the jab of Cupid’s arrows.
I laugh, and my face lights up.

The flames of destiny passed a warm loving heat for me.
My heart is stirred by a meeting of the lips.

Those intimate moments are the highlights of my day.
The gaze into the eyes of my true love,
The whisper of my genuine affections,
The sweetness of embrace.

But. Alas, you were right.
It’s not you, it’s me,
You were right and I was wrong.
Mere cliches and platitudes,
Unfortunately, these are not

You were right to have fanned
The flames of fear and fortifications.
You were right about the Trojan horse.
All of this, I did to get your sweet sister.

You were just a means to an end…
Every passion I feel,
I feel not for you
My affections are really for your sister

Lovers vs. Heartbreakers #1



Letter 1

Daniel Darling,

If I were to tell you how much I loved you,
Then the waters of the ocean would dry up
The lands would be empty of sand
And I would still not be able to quantify
My love for you.

If I were to add you and me
I would subtract our clothes
And maybe let you divide my thighs
So we can multiply the times you make heavy
My love for you.

If I were to whisper in your ears
The strong passionate love you make me feel
Every time our breath shares a common space
It would be that my tongue has lost its mind
And I am prepared to explode in satisfaction
Of my love for you.

If I were to take the shape of your hands
I will gladly roam your body at every bath
At every scratch of your itchy face,
I’ll caress your cheeks and let you bite
The fingers that is me when you feel nervous
Because of my love for you.

Oh Dan, the night is getting cold without you by my side
But then I remember I met you yesterday
And that you left your warm hugs with me
So I run to grab the shirt I wore to the event
And lay it beside me…it smells of you
It smells so good my heart burst with excitement.

Oh Dan, let me paint your body with my love
Let me drink of the alcoholic goodness served by your lips
Oh please wrap me in the spell of your warm embrace and cuddles
For even though nothing lasts forever
My memory can last forever in your embrace
Just hold me tight, please.

Letter 2

Daniel Sugarplum,

I have never felt this way before
For someone I really truly adore
No matter what I get from you
My passion won’t vanish anymore
For I am wildly in love with you Dan

Your abs and beards are just a masterpiece
For which I will give my life and more
Your smile just shines up my day
When nothing goes the right way

All I need right now Dan
is just to embrace you with the pretty face
Just a sip of your almost pink lips
While my arms wait around your hips
Oh how madly in love with you am I Dan

I want to feel your body shiver
Your heart jumping off your chest
I want to smell your gorgeous scent
Kiss you in each and every inch
I want to feel you rise below
Only at my presence & every touch

Oh! Dan, I love the way you hold your lower lip
Between the jaws while you think
I miss the act I repeat to tease you
Your words echoing all the time
Still, I die to hear those words from you

Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?
Come Daniel let’s consummate this love already!




Dear Debbie,

Is it you?
Is it me?
As far as my uncertainty goes,
one thing is sure,

I do not love you
Never have, never will
I read your letters,
The words made my eyes roll more times
than a pair of casino dice on a Friday night

Could I love you?
I can’t do the impossible
I was like you once,
Young, foolish and in love

I loved a woman
a woman who said she loved me,
She left me in a pool of tears,
and with a black hole where my heart used to be

I know you will say you love me enough for both of us,
Your love, surplus as it is, means nothing to me
When you say you love me and all my flaws
I laugh,
Life is not a romance novel or an Ed Sheeran song

Some things cannot be fixed
I am not a pet project or a sick puppy
I am a Yoruba demon,
a thing to be exorcised not cuddled

Sister Deborah,
this is not me breaking your heart
this is me setting the records straight,
you fell in love with a wrecking ball
now your heart is just like mine,
in pieces

This series is a compilation of beautifully crafted writings by members of the Literary Cafe (TLC) Plus (more about this later). Please don’t forget to leave your comments below, the writers are happy to know what you think.

PS. This is a work of fiction. However, the characters are real.


There is a Country


There’s a country in my soul

With streets of gold
My own paradise
Full of life and goals
Where the sun rises
And the moon dances
Where every adult is a child
And every child is an adult
Where love is given freely
And joy is the currency
Where we spend
Not because we have but
because others have not
Where laughter never ceases
And sadness is deceased

There’s a country in my soul
Take me there when I’m home

This thing called love

heart shapped love
Source: Google images

This drug called love
It’s messing with my head,
Mind, soul and body
Love is blind,
Not a lie
When you’re high
on daily doses 
of lies and sweet nothings.

I’m on this fantasy-roller-coaster
Called love,
Every ride in hope of forever 
Casting lots for my true love
Today is not the day I win, but
I’m waiting my turn for another ride-
Maybe my next life or never.

I admit 
I’m an addict
Addicted to this drug called love
looking for a way out
One step forward
Two steps backwards  
I need saving, saving 
from this madness called love.