Growing up



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As a child I always fantasised about growing up. At some point in all that ever mattered to me was growing up so fast and doing the things I saw the older people around me do. I couldn’t wait to start wearing makeup, weaves, fixing my nails, carrying handbags, owning a higher education note book, wearing skirts and ditching the pinafores. I even remember inflating my age, so when I was 13 I would say I was 14 all in a bid to outgrow my childhood really fast. Growing up felt like a mysterious box holding the answers to all the questions I had as a child.
Grow up, they said; it will be so much fun, they assured.
Apparently, somebody lied. I’m grown now and I must say I feel disappointed and betrayed. No one ever told me growing up was overrated. No one told me 2+2…

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