Not the kind of life

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The mandate was to ‘go ye therefore’
I volunteered, Life is sweet, I understood
I’m here now, I think there’s been a mistake
This is not the kind of life I envisaged
Apparently it operates a different vocabulary

Filled with tears and blood
like sea’s current
Sweeping away joy and happiness
A confluence of pain and sickness
Strength subsumed in weakness
Unity in war
I pledge…, empty barrels
Broken hearts, beyond repair
Souls like vagabonds
virtues’ that can’t be regained
Talents lost, some while so young

Love, a myth
Friendship, unreal
Families in despair
Vows, a mere recital
‘For better for worse,
for richer for poorer’, a joke
Hatred abounds,
Husbands for wives,
Brothers for sisters
Children rejected
their needs neglected.

A dream for the poor
An opium to the rich,
The bridge unending
The ‘haves not’ build castles in the air,
The ‘haves’ make them their footstool

Government carefree,
Tax a burden,
Amenities a thought,
Corruption the watch word.
Capital market no way,
money market no say
No Godfather no hope,
service to humanity, a mere paper tiger

National cake?
One love?

I’m certain this is not the kind of life that was promised but who is to blame, I’ve made a choice.


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