Poverty Alleviation

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Is it just me or has any other person observed that there is this notion formed immediately you have a boo or a bae (Ebube) as it’s popularly so called. It almost as if you longer reserved the right to be broke and this baffles me.
Okay so l go to meet my mum and I’m like “please I need some money to make my hair or get airtime” and I hear something like, “am I your husband ni ‘in this context now bae’ ” or you tell a friend, “oh hey lets go grab something to eat”, bills on you and she goes, “I resemble your boo” and I’m like *??.   Or you’ll be gisting with a friend about something very important o and he “goes you have nothing to worry about now, shey you have a boo” *huh . And it has got me wondering, Is having a boo or bae, a poverty alleviation program I’m unaware of? Someborri should please help enlighten a sister ooooo.


One thought on “Poverty Alleviation

  1. I personally think it is because we live in such a patriarchal society where a male figure assumes the ‘provider’ ‘poverty alleviator’ role. So when a lady reaches a certain age for instance that make figure is her ‘boo’ hence all the references to him in even trivial circumstances.


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