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“Awon aye, elenu razor o, won le so own to wun won o”

I’m not exactly sure what was going through the mind of legendry musician Wasiu Ayinde when he wrote those lyrics but i’m pretty sure i can connect. Btw sorry to burst your bubbles guys i’m not referring to Davido’s Aye, that’s an entirely different matter lol. These ayes I’m referring to are those amebo’s that double as monitoring spirits. They are many and in fact quite a number are reading this post atm.

These people are very powerful and they can help shape ones destiny without even knowing it. We find them in our schools, churches, neighbourhood, offices, gyms, markets, saloons, e.t.c. I am sure at this point some of us are pretty confused, lemme help shed light.

I’m sure we all have that one aunty that never keeps her mouth where her money is. She knows the genesis and revelation of the entire family, she can tell you whose husband is beating who, whose child is not doing great at school etc. She will not only gist you once o, she will follow the gist up self, she is the aunty that will remind you that you have attained marriageable age and will harass you at every family occasion to bring a husband home. She is the one that will tell you your dress is either too short or too revealing; your make up is too much, your phone is too expensive for someone your age. She knows before you that your best friend has given birth and reminds you that you’re still yet to bring a man to the house. Mind you this Aunty is either unmarried, a single mother, jobless name it. Next such an aunt approaches you, just shout Ayeeeeeeee.

The next category, these ones ‘burst my head’ *chei, they are ayes in the “neighbourhood clothing”, they are the ones that tell your parents when they catch you with a boy or girl, some of them even meet your future partner before your parents, that’s how powerful they are. They help you start counting down to the day of your graduation immediately you gain admission, when you think they’ve forgotten two years down the line, you hear questions like, have you not finished? Just two years after ooo *Haba!!!, during a long summer holiday they start asking when are you returning back to school, they ask this question for like two months silently thinking or “hoping” you have gotten expelled or suspended *Ayeeeee, mind your business

Omo this next ayes are “wonderful” people, for lack of a better expression. We find them in the church. The painful part is that most of them are not easily detected. They are the first to spot out the “bad” children in the church and mind you not for genuine reasons, they are quick to know the children who have become wayward. They are the ones that complain about your hair, makeup , jewelleries, nails, clothes even when not authorised to do so. They are quick to pick on you and the most annoying part of all their children are the chief culprits.

Lemme pause here and check myself, I might also be an aye to other people knowingly or unknowingly #runsaway…


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