Destiny Helper

There’s this popular slang among young Ladies these days, ‘Destiny Helper’.

One day i was gisting with my friends and I heard them refer to someone as a destiny helper. Being a christian I thought it was the destiny helper we’re encouraged to pray for in church and I was like “God please let my destiny helper locate me ooo”. One of them called me a JJC and went further to explain what she meant.

So from her explanation that day I understood that there are different categories of destiny helpers:

1. Alhaji or Mugu Maga

They are the president of destiny helper’s club. They’re also popularly called ‘sugar daddies’ and they live up to their destiny helper status. Under grad babes, few working class babes and even some married women , yes they’re bad like that, are the beneficiaries of their benevolence. There very generous with trips to Dubai, IPhones, cars, boutiques, rented apartments in Lekki, birthday bash to mention a few.

2. Working class

This ones are majorly the working class guys looking for wives. They share similar characteristics with the Alhaji’s except that they are younger than them but are overripe for marriage. They’re equally well to do but are not as free giving. Notwithstanding, there are babes that they can break their banks for. When they come visiting they usually remember to buy for the babe and her friends. The good thing about them is that you can have them in different states in the country and also in different countries. They help with Brazilian hair, Black up and MAC, regular skin and teeth whitening, weekend paroles and occasional trips to mention a few.

3. Lover boy

This next set na them I pity pass. They’re the lover boys plus destiny helpers. They are the go to for food and petty cash, they help with BIS also. Their parents have connections and they’re very generous with their parents money. They don’t get angry and when the babe offends them, they do the begging. Many of them don’t mind being shared with the hope that one day the babe would notice them and settle for them eventually.

4. Church Boy

This ones are my holy brothers. They mix Christianity with being lover boys. Sadly they always fall for the “bad girls”. Initially they’re always too timid to approach the girl but once she gives them small face, they wont back off. The plus of having one of them is that you’re sure someone is covering for you spiritually. They are usually nerdy so they help out with tutorials, a copy of the handouts, assignments even project. You can’t almost go wrong with one of these.

Mind you I only came from the male angle. There are also female destiny helpers. So next time you’re praying for a destiny helper, watch out someone might be praying for you also. Lol


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