Traffic Lights

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Everytime I see a traffic light I remember my nursery school rhyme


“Traffic light traffic light, we must obey the traffic light, red says stop, yellow says get ready and green says go”

Ordinarily disobeying the traffic light may either mean having a date with LASTMA or in worse case scenarios death, we all know how that plays out.

A lot of us have died a thousand times  because we have failed to recognise the red, yellow and green phases of life. Thankfully some of us survived but more often than not the casualties are countless, from leaving scars that last for a life time in mild cases to loss of lives in more serious situations.

Often times we go through life without regard for its rules. We’ve been led astray by the  phrase ‘YOLO: You Only Live Once’. And this has given many of us the licence to do…

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