Proposal #2

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Previous Proposal #1

Many of you will recall my friend’s proposal. We’re a group of five friends. They always had crazy ideas of how they wanted their proposals to be. Bimpe was the first to get engaged and the rest of them (us) had our fingers crossed.

Honestly, I’m not one to be impressed easily so I never really joined in the proposal conversation. Even if they didn’t say it out loud, everyone concluded I was going to be the last of my friends to get married. As fate would I’ve it, I was next. I had no expectations, I am a firm believer of the saying, “expectation is the root of every disappointment”.

My fiance was fully aware that I’m very hard to please and was determined to go all out to really impress me. We are both lovers of music and Asa is top on my list.

The Proposal

I was super excited about Asa’s upcoming concert on May 1st and got us tickets. The day of the concert was just like any other day, there were no hints even my friends had no clue what was about to go down. While I was preparing for the concert my fiance was preping for the proposal, he had pressed some buttons here and there.

We finally arrived at the concert and he swapped the tickets I got being regular with VVIP. I must say I was quiet impressed. Our seats were in a choice area in the auditorium and we were given preferential treatment. We soon got lost in the fun and music. After Asa’s performance of ‘Be my man’. She ‘randomly’ selected my fiance to join her upstage as she had earlier announced that she was going to give someone in the audience the opportunity to be upstage with her. She handed the mic over to him and he sang his version of ‘Be my Man’ now ‘Be my Woman’. At this time all eyes were on me thanks to the lights and the fact that he didn’t take his eyes off me. The ushers came and led me upstage also. My heart was beating so fast because I didn’t know what do except, everything felt so unreal. After his cover of the song, he smiled at me and resang the lines,

‘Baby, there’s a lot of things I want to say, I’m in love with you, it’s driving me insane, I know I’m sounding stupid but is it okay to be my woman everyday’…

I was crying and laughing at the same time that I didn’t see when he brought out the ring to seal the proposal. I not only said yes because I was in love with him but because for the first time in forever I was and still am truly impressed.

I later learnt that he had gotten in contact with Asa weeks before on instagram to execute his plans.


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