5 Magic Words

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Source: longmire-co.com

We’re young,

PLEASE!!! let us be.
Teach us to love, grow and live.
Don’t condemn us, we need your encouragement.
Don’t groom us to just be fit for our spouses instead teach us to be respectable individuals.
Don’t tell us to sit up, cross our legs, use a fork and knife instead teach us to explore, be wild and be wise.

we won’t always be on our best behaviours, we won’t always be smart.
we’ll cause trouble, make noise, fall, fail and rise up again.
Your job is too watch us, guide us lest we fall into temptation.

we’re young but not dumb.
Don’t tell us not to but teach us why not to. We won’t always get all the grades but we’ve not stopped trying .

For letting us know we’re the leaders of tomorrow but we want to learn from the leaders of Today.

PARDON us for speaking our minds, we mean no disrespect.

Yes, We’re young,
Please, Excuse us, We’re sorry, Thank you and Pardon us.



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