Proposal #1

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I have always made mouth about how I wanted to get proposed to. After seeing Peter of P-square’s proposal and snooping around tiredly on Bella Naija, I already had enough ideas. I knew what to wear, the kind of hair I was going to have on, the day I’ll like it to be (my birthday). I figured that my Fiancé to be would drop a few hints, so I won’t be caught unawares. The only decision I hadn’t quite fully concluded on, was whether my nails were going to be oval or pointed French tips. I had practiced my different reactions over and over again in front of the mirror. Sometimes I’ll cry other times I’ll just act really surprised and speechless.

The Proposal

My family has a ritual, every first Sunday of the month my dad would gather the whole family and treat us to lunch. He always leaves us guessing on the venue.

This fateful Sunday my “fiance-to-be” called in the morning to ask about my plans for the day. I guessed he had forgotten it was the first Sunday of the month and I was going to be out with my family after Church. He seriously begged me to make an exception that day because he had already made reservations for us in a newly opened restaurant and wouldn’t want to cancel. I was at a cross road because my dad was very strict on attendance at the lunch and in no circumstance were we allowed to miss it. At the same time I hadn’t seen him in weeks cause of our very tight schedule and I felt this will afford us time to catch up. I decided to push my luck and ask my Dad for permission. He agreed easily (this should have been my que to suspect that something was fishy) but I just felt luck was on my side that day.

The family left for the lunch while I waited for him to pick me up. He was about 2 hours late, I was very angry and kept ranting on how I could have spent those hours with my family. I had even changed out of my dress cause I made up my mind not to go again. After begging and begging I gave in, I couldn’t deny I had missed him a lot. As I was trying to fit into the dress I wore previously, the zip spoilt and I was in no mood to start looking for what to wear. I settled for a really causal look but I still slayed as usual, lol.

The restaurant was beautiful and I fell in love with it. Unconsciously I thought to myself, “this wouldn’t be a bad place to propose” and I ticked venue on my imaginary list. The place was packed as it’s the culture of Lagosians to explore new places especially when it’s new. On getting in I heard someone call my name, it was my mum. I was so surprised (but I still didn’t suspect a thing). My dad invite us to join their table, I was reluctant at first cause it defeated the alone time but I didn’t want to be rude, it was family time after all. I wondered why they hadn’t started eating since they left the house about 2 hours before me. As if my mum knew what I was thinking, she mentioned that they had stopped to visit a friend before heading out.

The Meal went well, the food was divine and being a foodie I must say the restaurant won my heart. After the meal everyone was supposed to say what they were thankful for, which was the usual practice. My dad went first and everyone had their turn, my fiancé was last. Before he stared my dad asked us all to go get dessert and that my fiancé would do his over dessert. I proceeded to the fruit stand as It was my routine to have fruits for dessert. There was a way the fruits were arranged from a distance which I found really interesting. I soon realized that the fruits were placed to form a sentence. The letters collectively read, “Will U Marry Me”. I found it cute and was about to draw my fiancés’ attention to it when I saw him on his knees with that smile that caught my attention when we first met. Then he said, “Funmi, I’m thankful for our forever”. I ran outside and kept staring, I was lost for words and couldn’t believe it. It was the opposite of everything I had imagined and rehearsed. He ran after me, I could see the fear in his eyes, as if saying no was an option self, lol. Then I started laughing really hard and said Yes. He heaved a huge sigh of relief. We went back to the restaurant, my family and the other customers dinning congratulated us, my mum was crying. I later realised he had already sought my parents approval weeks before and everything was planned under my very nose without me suspecting a thing.

My proposal was the exact opposite of what I imagined except for the restaurant of course. Funny thing I didn’t even get my nails done. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal.




Happy New Month People. Welcome to May, the month of Grace. I decided to share a little something on grace as we enjoy God’s grace in this new month.

Someone said, ‘in God’s garden of grace, even a broken tree can bear fruit’. Whoa, God’s grace defies nature, science, ordinary, impossibilities. ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son (John 3:16), this is grace.

God is so Gracious. He’s arms of grace are wide enough in fact, much more to accommodate you and I . He said in his word ‘come unto me ALL ye that are weak and heavy laden and I’ll give you rest’ (matt 11:28), this is grace to me. Grace is being unable to tell the difference between the Jews and the gentiles, Yorubas and Igbos, Rich and the poor, Asians and Americans because God loves us the same.

Grace is knowing that even when you fall he’ll catch you. Passing an exam you cried your eyes out for, that’s grace to me. Someone once said, ‘Gods love is so good, it’s so bad (in the sense of extremely good) and so so crazy’. Although I completely agree with the person. I’ll like to rephrase and say, ‘God’s grace is so good, so bad and so so crazy’

We see grace even in the midst of confusion. We see grace at work even when we lose hope and go about without direction. We know it’s grace at work when we get that job, contract or appointment we’re not qualified for. Tell me isn’t it grace that saw you through the University. It’s still grace that is seeing us through post university. It’s grace for us to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. It’s grace to know that We’re most underserving but He still shows up for us.

Paul recognised grace at work in his life and urged us too, ‘Therefore let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and find grace whenever we need help’. Heb 4:16

It’s comforting to know that God’s grace runs deeper than our mess. I am who I am, I am where I am, I am what I am, by the Grace of God.