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“Rain rain battering down
falling on the mountains
falling on the hills
it is good for us
so my daddy says
but I cannot play out on a rainy day”

It’s 8:00am, the weather brings with it hope of sunlight. How I’ve missed its warmth. September has been an unending chain of rainfall. I stood at the balcony of our house on the mainland in Lagos, a decent block of flats with ours being the fourth of 6 flats. I love the view, particularly because it gives me the opportunity of observing people living their “lagos dream”. There’s ample time thanks to the economic recession.

Before I could get enough of the vitamin D, the sun had given way to dark clouds, followed by the forces of lightning and thunder. Without prior warning it began to pour…what insolence!!!. My neighbour struggled with packing the clothes she had washed 3 days before, from the line. I saw the frustration that came with the realisation that today was not the day the clothes will dry.

I observed how colourful the road suddenly became with different colours and sizes of umbrellas- from really tiny ones- to some that looked like a hut. The gutter had begun to overflow and in no time the road was flooded.

Though the weather was cool, the tempers were hot. Curses of all kinds saturated the whole place- Oloshi, Were, Olowo jatijati– with the greatest victims being unsuspecting drivers who splashed water- (due to no fault of theirs but bad roads and drainages). Amina, the airtime seller had to pack up her umbrella stand and probably made no profit again today.

“Buy your shower cap 50 naira, rain coat 500, umbrella 1000″…, the “rain demons” were already in full action advertising their merchandise- who would blame them… one man’s meat is another man’s ponmo (or no meat at all)… lol. The most hilarious character on the road was the guy who kept selling cold drinks against all odds.

The rain kept hitting harder and I was having a good show till I felt drops of water from my roof.

“Rain Rain go away come again another day…”

Probably the song on every lip except of course; the rain demons. We all love the rain but we still need the sun.

Oloshi– useless person
Were-mad fellow
Olowo jatijati – useless rich man


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