I heard you are greater than the greatest
The birds sing your praise
The plants whisper your Majesty
I journeyed to Abule- Oritameta
I was told you reside there too

When I moved forward
I heard the resounding praises of Baba
Then I moved to the left
I heard them call you Omo-baba
When I moved to the right
they screamed Emimimo

When I asked what it was I heard
I was led to meet the Meta-lokan
When I arrived at the throne of grace
Your glory was too much to curtail
the cherubim and seraphim prevented me from coming in
I begged to have my way
They told me I wasn’t pure and holy
I refused to leave till I saw your glory

I screamed Lord have Mercy!!!
I felt the earth tremble
I felt the sky shaking
From the inner room i saw a light
So near yet so far away

In my stubborn state
I tried to behold your face
But then I remembered
the tales of old about the man who saw a similar light and went blind.

I heard beautiful melodies
felt like I was in a safari
surrounded by nightingales.
Then in a loud roar
but with a soft touch
You told me
Welcome home, my good and faithful servant.

Abule-oritameta- a village with a T-junction
Emimimo- Holy Spirit
Meta Lokan- Trinity


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