TBH I’ve never viewed heart break from a perspective other than the usual -boy breaks girl’s heart- and vice versa. Interestingly, I was conversing with a group of people when someone suddenly said xxx just ‘broke my heart’. We were all sympathetic and tried consoling her (that’s what people do right?). she hissed and narrated what had happened.

Apparently, she wanted to place an order for food but was informed by the restaurant that they were out of food; we all burst into laughter. She wore a straight face and didn’t find it funny. She explained that her heart was really broken because- she had looked forward to the meal all day.

This incident gave me a whole new perspective on heart breaks (and all). I felt very shallow in my thinking for equating heart breaks to only relationships. I began to think of instances when I had actually had my heart broken.

Should I start from the day my best friend betrayed my trust; or the day the atm didn’t dispense and could barely feed throughout the weekend; or the day I was disappointed by my tailor. What about the time I worked so hard for a test and still didn’t get the desired grade, damn! I was heart broken; or that time I prayed earnestly to God to heal a loved one but he still died, (such heart break).

We’ve all suffered heart breaks. Yes maybe in different forms and degrees. But heart break is heart break (the koko is a heart was broken…lol).

Feel free to share your heartbreak experiences in your comments bellow


5 thoughts on “Heartbreaks

  1. Looool. Putting heartbreak into another perspective. That said, we have to consider the govt. trying very hard to make sure everything in Nigeria kills us all (apologize to my friend Ayo Shogunro). Nothing is more heartbreaking than that. Especially because we try to give them chance over and over again, yet they just still manage to effortlessly break our hearts. Really nice pice.


  2. I would like to add the fact that I am heartbroken that Nigeria has somewhat managed to steal away our harmattan. I mean, its Dec 22 already and no sign of a cold dust! How can everywhere still be so hot fa? I am so heartbroken that the heat decided to stay and the cold let it.

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