I know

“I know how you feel”..
that has to be the most
annoying sentence in the
English language.

Don’t tell me you know how poverty feels until your father goes house to house begging for your fees or
when you watch your family
being kicked out because the rent is overdue or
when you have to live in perpetual fear
of what tomorrow holds
because your today hangs on a thread.

“I know how you feel”,
let’s trade places for a day
then maybe I’ll believe you.
Take my mat,
give me your mattress
Take my sickness,
give me your good health
Take my broken heart,
give me your love.

“I know how you feel”
Have you walked in my shoes?,
Eaten my food?, (if any is available)
Fought my fight?,
Cried my tears?,
Feared my fears?

“I know how you feel”
Save the lines
For the next victim
You can’t know what you’ve never felt
If you don’t know my pain
you can never feel  the same


6 thoughts on “I know

  1. hmmmm… interesting..

    Then, how best do you express your empathy in those situation?The line ‘I know how you feel’ seemingly projects it clearer than any other, I suppose.
    Pain is relative anyway. Would you rather give the Mat that gives you a peaceful sleep for a mattress with sorrow-filled fibers?

    Nice thoughts…


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