Beautiful Gate

Today I sat at the gate called beautiful,
welcoming me were stares pitiful
I quietly observed the traffic of men and women
First in their tens and subsequently hundreds
Children chatting happily as they walked to school
The older ones walking freely
The younger ones in the company of their parents or guardians.
School- a dream I know may never come true.

Hamattan is nature’s reminder of my lack of shelter or warmth.
It does differentiate between my kind and the rest of the world
If anything, it has taken particular liking to me
Evidence is seen from my wrinkled skin
To my naturally pancaked face
And the flu that won’t just go away.

I stare at the crowd with a deep sense of hope
As I longed for a naira or two
Seconds passed, minutes followed
Four hours  down the line
The worms in my stomach begin a rhyme
Not sure which bites harder
the worms or the recession
Eating deeper into the economy by the day
Luck finally smiles on me
I’m not sure which shone brighter
My smile or the silver coin

The sun set is my cue to call it a day
I thank God for today
It was better than yesterday
Tomorrow is another date
At the beautiful gate
I can only pray
Peter and Andrew come my way


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