The African Woman

Iya Ni wura
That’s an understatement
or maybe a grave falacy
You can put a price on gold
No matter how well refined
Or beautifully sculptured
But who can put a price
on the African woman?

How much is her selfless labour?
How much is her sleepless night?
How much is the pain she endures?
From the pain of child birth to
Lack of appreciation from her lover
Or lashing tongues from the society

She slaves for an audience of four
or maybe five and
is applauded by an audience of a few
To the African woman
I know you, I see you, I recognise you
I’m rooting for you.
*Iya ni wura- A Mother is Gold

Happy Mother’s day.

I celebrate my mother and all mother’s around the world. Today and always.

Ps: I know this post is a day late


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