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Source: http://www.caligraphyalphabet.com

by Kene – for TLC

“A for Apple” – Nursery rhymes

Over my next few posts, I’ll be drawing attention to the beautiful and creative use of the English alphabet courtesy members of The Literary Cafe (TLC).

A is for August when the winds come and flowers fall
A is for Aaron the ginger with the dimple
A is for Alice, me with a pimple
A is for Arc de Triomphe where we first met
A is for Apple crumble pie, his fave dessert
A is for Air France, on which we flew round Europe
A is for Algeria where the heat he couldn’t cope
A is for Avengers, our first movie date
A is for Asparagus his food he likes but I hate
A is for Anger when he spat on my face
A is for Anxiety, which I felt, he made my heart race
A is for Angelique’s café, where I saw you
A is for Anna with whom you’re cheating, I already knew
A is for Autmn when the winds come and flowers fall


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