source: http://www.calligraphyalphabet.org

“D for Destination

by Kofo for TLC

D is for my first Day in music class

D is for Doe, my first tonic sulpha

D for the fine Dude I’ve a crush on

D for Damn! my  exclamation when I realised he’s hooked

D  for Denial –  the state of my heart

D for Dashed- so long my hopes

D for Deedee the girl that has his heart

D for Dubai, their destination wedding

D for Dark blue, the theme of  the day

D for D-day, their wedding day

D for the Disaster the run away bride-to -be caused

by Raji for TLC

D is for the damsel i saw across the road who instantly made me trip

D is for the dream I dreamed of her in my sleep

D is for the decorations I alone see with every sway of her hips

D is for desire the sweet colour of her lips

D is for Diet Coke the drink she often sips

D is for dance,  the movement she makes that holds me still like a clip

D is the dose of ecstasy she administers with every disarming smile

D is for Dior, for it she can spend her very last dime

D is  for distinction, “my baby” achieves that (her results say that) all the time

D is for damn, first unconscious utterance from every lustful admirer

D is for my determination to get her, you can bet I’ll never give up

D is for decision, the day I made up my mind to say what’s up?

D is for darling, my new pet name by her,  mehn,  things are looking up

D is for dove,  the pretty bird we saw that faithful day we loved up

D is for dino riders,  our favourite cartoon growing up

D is for deceit what I assured her will never come up

D is for destiny,  what eventually decides if we’ll watch “our” kids grow up


4 thoughts on “D

  1. Awwwn…I like Raji’s D tho.
    Kofo, you are just a heart crusher…why did the bride have to cause a disaster?
    By the way…you mis-spelt[is this correct] Dubai.


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